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Long-Term RV Living Near Tawakoni, TX

Mockingbird Meadows RV Park is a 5 minute drive to Lake Tawakoni, offering a serene and welcoming environment for long-term RV rentals. Family owned and operated, the owners live on-site and take pride in providing a convenient and peaceful retreat for our guests. With prices as low as $395 per month, Mockingbird Meadows RV Park caters to those seeking a tranquil and affordable place to call home while enjoying the beauty of Lake Tawakoni.

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Free Laundry

Free high-Speed Internet

Rent Starting at

Budget-Friendly Long-Term RV Park near Lake Tawakoni, TX

Discover the perfect blend of affordability and convenience at our budget-friendly long-term RV park near Lake Tawakoni, TX. With competitive long term rv park rates and a range of amenities (including waterfront lots), we ensure that your long-term stay with us is comfortable and enjoyable. Located only 5 minutes away from Lake Tawakoni, you're close to surrounding wilderness and peaceful lakeside getaways. Our RV park provides the perfect home base. Experience the beauty of Lake Tawakoni without compromising on affordability at our welcoming long-term RV park at Mockingbird Meadows.

Affordable Long Term RV Living

Embrace Lakeside Living: Mockingbird Meadows RV Park Near Lake Tawakoni

At Mockingbird Meadows RV Park, we prioritize your convenience and comfort. Nestled just moments away from Lake Tawakoni, our park offers a perfect retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. Our RV amenities include spacious RV sites with full hookups and even a private fishing pond.

Whether you're fishing, hiking, or exploring the outdoors, our location ensures easy access to all your favorite activities. With grocery stores, restaurants, and other amenities nearby, you'll have everything you need within reach. Let our friendly staff enhance your experience with helpful recommendations and personalized service, making your stay at Mockingbird Meadows RV Park truly unforgettable.

RV Park Amenities


Full Hook-Ups (Water & Sewer Included)
Electricity Included (30&50 Amp)
Free Laundry
Food Dispensers To Enjoy Feeding Fish
Pet Friendly

Security Cameras
Well Maintained Grounds
Free High-Speed WIFI (Direct Access Point)
Quiet Country Living

Rent starting at $500/month.

Make Mockingbird Meadows Home: Peaceful Long-Term RV Park Near Lake Tawakoni

Escape to the peace and quiet of Mockingbird Meadows RV Park, a family-run RV park near Lake Tawakoni. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, our park is a great spot for nature lovers. With a friendly atmosphere and plenty of outdoor enthusiasts around, you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Come relax and have some fun at Mockingbird Meadows RV Park, where you can unwind and recharge.

Surrounded by Nature & Community

Things to do in Lake Tawakoni, TX

Explore the endless possibilities of fun and adventure in Lake Tawakoni, TX. From fishing and boating on the expansive lake waters to hiking and biking along scenic trails, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Discover the rich diversity of wildlife in the area, perfect for birdwatching and nature photography enthusiasts. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline or indulge in a picnic with breathtaking lake views. With numerous recreational activities and stunning natural beauty, Lake Tawakoni offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.


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Frequent Questions

Are pets allowed at Mockingbird Meadows RV Park?

Absolutely! We're happy to welcome pets at Mockingbird Meadows RV Park. While we love having your furry friends around for longer stays, we ask that aggressive breeds be left at home. Your cooperation in making sure everyone, both human and furry, feels safe and happy here is greatly appreciated.

Do you offer amenities such as laundry facilities at the RV park?

Yes, we have on-site laundry facilities available for our guests to use for their convenience. Click here to view all our rv park amenities.

Can we expect a quiet and peaceful environment at Mockingbird Meadows RV Park?

Absolutely! Our RV park is known for its serene and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

Are there long-term rental options available at your RV park?

Yes, we currently only offer long-term rentals only, with rv rates starting as low as $395 per month.

Is Mockingbird Meadows RV Park located near Lake Tawakoni in Texas?

Yes! We are a convenient 5 minute drive to Lake Tawakoni, providing easy access to various recreational activities for our guests to enjoy. Click here to view directions from Mockingbird Meadows RV Park to Lake Tawakoni.